2017 LSRA Protected Disclosures Report

LSRA Protected Disclosures Report 2017

The LSRA's Protected Disclosures Policy and Procedures can be found in the section on Governance.


2017 LSRA Annual Report

LSRA  Annual Report 2017 (English)

URSD An Tuarascáil Bhliantúil, 2017


Legal Partnership Reports

Section 118 Report on Legal Partnerships

Section 118 Interim Report


Multi-Disciplinary Practice Reports

Section 119 Report on Multi-Disciplinary Practices

Section 119 Public Consultation Report on Multi-Disciplinary Practices


Report on matters relating to barristers

Section 120 Report - Matters Relating to Barristers


2016 LSRA Annual Report

LSRA Annual Report 2016 (English)

URSD An Tuarascail Bhliantuil, 2016