Picture of Authority Members at their Meeting of 20 June 2019 

 Members of the Authority



Pictured (left to right): Eileen Barrington, Sara Moorhead, James MacGuill, Gerard Whyte, Geraldine Clarke, Angela Black, Dermott Jewell, Deirdre McHugh, Don Thornhill (Chairperson), Stephen Fitzpatrick, Joan Crawford.

The current Members of the Authority are: 

  1. Angela Black
  2. Eileen Barrington
  3. Geraldine Clarke
  4. Joan Crawford
  5. Stephen Fitzpatrick
  6. Dermott Jewell
  7. James MacGuill
  8. Deirdre McHugh
  9. Sara Moorhead
  10. Don Thornhill
  11. Gerry Whyte